Schools continue to remain closed. Teachers continue to offer support to help guide and progress children's learning while they are at home. We advise the importance of a daily routine to encourage learning. Teachers assign work for pupils at the beginning of each week and are in touch with all families during the week to make sure parents and pupils all feel supported. Pupils are working very well independently using the online tool Seesaw Junior Infants to Third Class and the senior classes are all using the educational website Edmodo where teachers are assigning and correcting work. Parents can keep in touch with teachers via Seesaw and Edmodo and also by email to the teacher's school email address. So many children are making great strides using the EPIC digital library of graded readers. Well done to all our pupils for continuing to do such great work during school closure. Well done too to all our wonderful parents who are trying to juggle working at home, while managing learning in the home too. We salute all the great work you are doing during this challenging time. Please remember the work being sent home by school are suggestions to help you all and not meant to be a burden. Complete the work as you see fit and when it suits your own family routine. We are there to help and support. Please keep in touch. We understand there is a lot going on during these very stressful and worrying times. We would all like to say WELL DONE for all you are doing at home to progress your children's learning while they are away from the school environment! Be safe and well until we all meet again. Don't forget we as a staff are all available by email so keep two-way communication going and then we are all 'in the loop'! Be safe, be well.