'Planting a Tiny Forest' will take place on Friday March 9th and Monday March 12th 2018. Parents are more than welcome to come if they would like. Each class will have a 30 minute slot for planting. The following timetable applies for the following classes: Friday March 9th Junior Infants Room 10 and Junior language class @ 10am-10.30am. Junior Infants Room 9, from 11am-11.30am. Senior Infants 11.30am-12 noon. First Class Room 13, 1pm-1.30pm. First Class (Room 12) 1.30pm-2pm. Fourth Class and Senior language class from 2pm-2.30m. On Monday March 12th the following timetable applies: Second Class 9.30am-10am. Third Class(room 15) 10am-10.30am. Third Class (room 16)11am-11.30am. Fifth Class and Senior language class 11.30am-12noon. Sixth Class 12noon-12.30pm. We are so fortunate in SMD to be able to avail of this wonderful opportunity!